Ian White (interview)

Ian White
Position: Principal Trombone

What year did you join the LMP?
I was appointed in 1993.

At what age did you start playing? 
Eleven +

Apart from the London Mozart Players, what other musical activities are you involved in?
Apart from playing the trombone I have another life as a composer. These days I tend to write to commission rather than merely for the bottom drawer. My most recent commission was an orchestral work, Strata, for BBC Radio 3.

What do you love about your instrument and why?
A rebuttable presumption! However, the trombone is a versatile instrument with a wide tonal range and a quality that closely resembles the human voice.

Which player of your instrument do you most admire and why?
No particular favourites, but I do like to hear personality in playing. This is something I really relish when I listen to old recordings.

What is your favourite piece of music and why?
Bach Cantata No.4 Christ lag in Todesbanden because it has everything, including trombones!

What other types of music do you listen to?
None, with one or two exceptions such as the music of Django Reinhardt and those who follow in his footsteps. I do of course hear other types of music.

How do you spend your spare time, if you have any?
Life outside music is so busy these days I could argue that I play the trombone in my spare time!

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