Pipe Dreams
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Saturday 22 April 2023

Pipe Dreams

Philip Glass Mad Rush
 Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
Saint-Saëns Symphony No.3, ‘Organ’
Anna Lapwood organ
Anna Duczmal-Mroz conductor
CMA Strings (Britten only)


Sometimes our intrusive thoughts get the better of us and all we can think when we look at the gigantic pipes on organ is: ‘Could I fit in there?’

In this concert, BBC Radio Presenter and Associate Artist of the Royal Albert Hall, Anna Lapwood, turns pipe dreams into reality by, quite literally, taking us inside the pipes with her camera, revealing the hidden side of the instrument we never get to see. Performing on Fairfield Halls’ organ for its grand re-opening, Anna plays Saint-Saëns’ colossal Symphony No.3, nicknamed the ‘organ symphony for its fiery showcase of the organ as it depicts the end of the world.

This concert will also include Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. This piece is a lot like a puzzle. It begins with the entire orchestra playing the main theme, showing us the full picture much like the image on the box. The puzzle is then shaken and tipped onto the stage, scattered throughout the different instruments as they work together to put it back together. Bit by bit, each instrumental section plays around with the theme, showing off their different personalities and abilities as they rebuild the music and show us exactly what ingredients make up the orchestral cocktail.

Fairfield Halls