Messiah 360
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Saturday 17 December, 7:00pm

Messiah 360

Handel Messiah

Thomas Allery Harpsichord/Director
Ruth Rogers leader
Hilary Cronin soprano
Alexander Chance countertenor
Zahid Siddiqui tenor
Jerome Knox bass-baritone


Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the classics. And what’s a classical music Christmas without Messiah? As the Harry Styles of his day, Handel’s superstar status made his music extremely popular around London and Messiah drew in thousands as a result of its great emotional impact and catchy tunes (‘Hallelujah’ chorus – we’re looking at you).

We’re revamping Handel’s classic with a brand-new presentation. Placing the audience in a ring around the orchestra, this immersive experience will showcase the work from all angles.

A different way of selling seats

The orchestra and singers will be performing ‘in the round’ on a lowered stage. Many musicians will also be placed in other locations in the hall. For the best, most intimate experience, please choose a ‘stage seat’. Note that ‘choir stalls’ seats will be above the stage, looking down and that seats in the stalls will be some distance from the stage. All seating will be unreserved by section.

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