Story of the Fair Field
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Saturday 7 October, 7:30pm

Story of the Fair Field

Arnold The Fair Field
Coleridge-Taylor Four Novelletten for Strings
Haydn Trumpet Concerto in E Flat
Mozart Symphony No.40
Matilda Lloyd trumpet
Jonathan Bloxham conductor
Simon Blendis leader

In medieval times, Croydon was famous for its funfair. People would come from far and wide to browse the stalls and enjoy the entertainment, and the area came to be known as the Fair Field. When Fairfield Halls opened on this site in 1962, this formalised its centuries-old status as the entertainment centre of south London. In 1988, LMP became the Resident Orchestra at Fairfield Halls and Croydon. Our arrival built on the area’s strong tradition of classical music, found also in the form of composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor who lived here over a hundred years ago.

We’re tracing through the development of this historic site, from its early days as a bustling medieval fair to an acoustically outstanding concert hall that has attracted musicians from all over the world. We’re combining it with our history as an orchestra set up to play Mozart and Haydn, before later choosing to make Croydon our home. It’ll also be linked by narration that will connect the four pieces and celebrate the music-making on the site today.

Please note there will be a pre-concert talk from 6.30pm to 7pm on the sun terrace of Fairfield Halls. This talk is free and welcome to all concert attendees.

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