Peace and Harmony
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Sunday 3 October, 7:30 pm

Peace and Harmony

London Mozart Players String Quartet
Sijie Chen violin
Jenny Godson violin
Sophie Renshaw viola
Ben Chappell cello
Fiona Brice Collaborative Composer in association with the LMP

Sanjay Guha artistic director
Saleel Tambe
Dr Vijay Rajput vocals
Robin Christian flute
Sunil Jadhav keyboard
Subrang Arts Dancers

Peace and Harmony is an exciting cross-cultural collaboration between a quartet from Fairfield Halls’ resident orchestra, the London Mozart Players and a collective of Indian musicians and dancers. Collaborative Composer in association with the LMP, Fiona Bricewill arrange and orchestrate both the new compositions and music from the classical repertoire, bringing together musicians from both cultures in this exciting project.

Exploring the different musical worlds of the ancient but continuous tradition of Indian classical music and dance alongside traditional Western classical music, the musicians and dancers will perform together to present a unique and fascinating East/West fusion of musical art forms. Improvisations on traditional instruments from both sides of the cultural divide will create a musical ‘dialogue’ with the music expressed in dance form, particularly influenced by Kathak style dances from North India.

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