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Friday 7 March 2025, 7.00pm

Marvellous Maestros

JS Bach Orchestral Suite No.2 in B minor
        7. Badinerie
Corelli Concerto Grosso, Op.6 No.8 
JS Bach Brandenburg Concerto. No.5 BWV 150 
Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K.622 

Ruth Rogers director 

 In a concerto, a star soloist steps into the limelight, accompanied by an orchestra. Classical composers wrote flashy solo parts for their friends, pupils, or – if they really wanted to show off – themselves.  

Our concert begins 400 years ago when Johann Sebastian Bach ruled the music scene. His music proves timeless, permeating everything from film scores to technology. Take his Badinerie; you might not recognise the name, but you may well know the tricky flute tune from its stint as Nokia’s catchy ringtone… 

His Brandenburg Concerto No.5 features three solo instruments: harpsichord, flute and violin, but the harpsichord is the undisputed star of the show. It has a dazzling solo passage, written to impress all who were listening – most likely premiered by Bach himself. 

Fast forward a few decades and we end up with Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Mozart, ever the visionary, composed this piece for an instrument that hadn’t fully developed yet, showcasing his belief in its future potential. It was written for his frenemy Anton Stadler who invented the special type of clarinet Mozart would have known.  

This concert has been designed to include the set works of the 2025 GCSE music syllabus, making it ideal for students preparing for their exams. 

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Fri 7 March 2025 7pm £27/£20/£17 Book

St John's Upper Norwood