‘An enthralling insight, and definitely one of the most civilised ways to take a lunchtime break’ Culture Whisper previews Mozart Explored

‘A fascinating insight into the mind of the prodigious composer through six of his piano concertos, explained and performed

Mozart was 11 when he wrote his first piano concerto. But even that early sign of prodigious talent cannot prepare us for the brilliance and inventiveness of the composer in the years to come.

Celebrating Mozart’s unique contribution to the piano concerto form – he wrote 23 original full concertos, preceded by a handful of early experiments, and performing many of them himself – is a series of six concerts, at St John’s Smith Square. 

By way of a coda, a final seventh is dedicated to the composer who was most enriched by his legacy, Beethoven…’

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Tickets £14

For more information and to book tickets to the next season of Mozart Explored, please visit the St John’s Smith Square box office.