Piano Explored: Mendelssohn Violin & Piano Concerto in D minor
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Tuesday 8 November, 1:05 pm

Piano Explored: Mendelssohn Violin & Piano Concerto in D minor

Mendelssohn Violin & Piano Concerto in D minor

London Mozart Players
Howard Shelley piano
Simon Blendis violin
Sijie Chen leader

For the penultimate 2021 Piano Explored concert, Howard Shelley will be joined by LMP leader Simon Blendis for a performance of Mendelssohn’s Violin and Piano Concerto in D minor, written when the composer was just fourteen years old. It would be a remarkable work whatever the age of the composer, as the music is simply extraordinary, particularly the sensitivity with which Mendelssohn balances two such different instruments. The relationship between the violin and piano changes constantly throughout the work, sometimes mirroring each other, at other times playing in rhythmic unison, or duetting against an orchestral accompaniment of brilliance and beauty.

The concert includes an illuminating introduction of the piece by Howard Shelley, followed by a full performance of the work where he directs the London Mozart Players from the piano. Whether you are working in London or just visiting, an LMP Piano Explored concert is truly the best way to spend your lunch hour. This beautiful work is not programmed often, so don’t miss the opportunity to hear it performed by these exceptional musicians.


St John's Smith Square