Miriam Teppich (interview)

Miriam Teppich
Position: 2nd Violin

What year did you join the LMP?

At what age did you start playing? 
When I was 4. I got a tiny 1/8 size violin for my 4th birthday. Being the child of violinist parents that was probably inevitable!

Apart from the London Mozart Players, what other musical activities are you involved in? 
Playing with the Philharmonia Orchestra and at Glyndebourne, with BBC Symphony Orchestra and Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Chamber music with friends.

What do you love about your instrument and why? 
Every violin is totally unique and as a violinist you develop a strong relationship with your instrument. I’ve often thought when I’ve heard violinists I know that they play as they are as people. Of course that could be said about any instrumentalists but I think particularly with string instruments there is something very subtle in creating the sound which is personal and can’t be taught. As a violinist it is wonderful to have the versatility of blending with a section, being part of a string quartet or other chamber group, playing a concerto or unaccompanied Bach. Each situation has its challenges. My own violin was a gift from my mum (she played it since she was 15) and it has a beautiful tone. I could never sell it even though I know there are other violins out there.

Which player of your instrument do you most admire and why?  
Itzhak Perlman….no reasons required!

What is your favourite piece of music and why? 
At the moment it’s Prokofiev 2nd Piano Concerto for the drama and character of the music. But if I had to pick an all time favourite it might be Mozart’s Magic Flute. I’ve played it so many times and can’t get tired of it, it’s so great.

What other types of music do you listen to? 
I love Jazz and Big Band, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holliday and 70s music, the cheesier the better! I also like folk music I brought back from Bulgaria and Hungary.

How do you spend your spare time, if you have any?  
Cooking, skiing, eating out, books and films, family and friends.

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