LMP Reach

LMP Reach is a brand-new initiative that sees the London Mozart Players take music into our most vulnerable communities. Members of the orchestra are filming recitals which will be available online for those living in care homes or at home with carers, those living with dementia, or people in vulnerable groups who may not have access to community concerts and events.

Each LMP Reach recital will be performed by two members of the LMP (different players and instruments for each concert), and the 30-minute programmes will encompass a variety of music – from Bach to Bernstein and everything in between! Wartime favourites, musical theatre standards and popular classical treasures will be presented on Vimeo on a fortnightly basis, and access will be offered to care homes, hubs, and centres across the borough of Croydon and beyond.

How to Access

The concerts are free to access via a private Vimeo link, with a new concert broadcast every two weeks, but we will ask care homes who use this service to entertain their residents (and concerts can be accessed as many times as required) to consider a donation of £10-20 per concert. This is the LMP’s way to give back to the community and build an on-going relationship with those most in need. If you are interested in having access to this fantastic project in your care home, organisation, or on an individual basis, please get in touch with our Outreach and Development Manager, Tegan Eldridge via tegan@lmp.org.